New Employee Orientation

Welcome to Appalachian State University!

We are honored that you have decided to join our staff and Appstate family. Our university is a great place to work, and we strive to create a workplace environment that values integrity, diversity, and balance. The Office of Human Resources provides a comprehensive New Employee Orientation (NEO) program for all new staff. Attendance is required for all full time SHRA and EHRA Non-Faculty employees. During NEO you will be provided with key information regarding University policies, safety, and service. You will also be taken on a tour of our campus and get your AppCard Staff ID. You will also learn about the retirement, health insurance, and other benefits available to you and have the opportunity to meet with a benefits specialist. We look forward to welcoming you to our campus!

Orientation is held on the first and third Monday of every month from 8:30am - 3:30pm, breakfast is provided.

Please click here for a tentative Orientation Schedule.

Departmental Orientation

New employees are led through an informal department orientation to learn the fundamentals, policies, and procedures for their every day job responsibilities. Each department handles this differently; see your manager for details.

For questions regarding New Employee Orientation, please contact Stephanie Ramsey at 828-262-2271 or

Changes to New Employee Orientation Policy and Schedule

New Employee Orientation (NEO) programs represent valuable introductions for employees to their new organizations.

We use NEO to:

  • Welcome new employees and to help them understand the many reasons we are proud of ASU and our people;
  • Provide new hires with information and resources that support their success in their new jobs;
  • Train new hires on important topics, such as workplace safety;
  • Complete new employee paperwork requirements; and
  • Assist eligible new hires with the completion of their benefits elections.

To be effective and to attain organizational training goals, it is important that all new employees attend these programs. All new hires to ASU are required to attend NEO as their first day of employment. This includes all new permanent and temporary SHRA and EHRA non-faculty employees. We offer two NEO sessions each month and all new hire start dates will be scheduled to correspond to one of these session dates. A schedule of NEO sessions is provided below and can be accessed on the Human Resources website. Locations will vary depending upon new hire volume and will be announced in advance of each session. Orientation sessions will begin at 8:30 am. Non benefit- eligible employees will be finished after the morning session (approximately 11:30am) to report to their hiring department. Benefit eligible employees will return for benefits orientation in the afternoon.

  • Employees are considered to be "new hires" if they
    • have been hired into their first positions at ASU,
    • are rehires who have not been employed at ASU for at least one year, or
    • are rehires who have not previously attended a NEO.
  • New hire start dates will be scheduled to align with a scheduled NEO session. This will be done through the hiring proposal process in Human Resources, in collaboration with hiring manager.
  • An online alternate NEO will be available for cases in which it is critical to business need for a new hire to begin employment before the next scheduled NEO session. We intend for this option to be utilized only as a rare exception.

Thank you all for your support as we make this very important improvement to our new employee onboarding process. If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Ramsey at or (828) 262-2271.

2018 Orientation Dates      


Plemmons Student Union, 169 Three Top Mountain


Plemmons Student Union, 169 Three Top Mountain

 *The 9/17/18 Orientation Session was cancelled due to inclement weather.  Please call the Office of Human Resources at 828-262-3187 for more information for employees who were to begin on 9/17/18.

**Location for orientation on December 17th, 2018 is TBD based on demand. 

2019 Orientation Dates   


Carol G. Belk Library, 421 Broyhill Conference Room


Plemmons Student Union, 169 Three Top Mountain


Plemmons Student Union, 169 Three Top Mountain


Plemmons Student Union, 169 Three Top Mountain


Plemmons Student Union, 169 Three Top Mountain


Plemmons Student Union, 169 Three Top Mountain


Plemmons Student Union, 169 Three Top Mountain


Plemmons Student Union, 169 Three Top Mountain

*January 2018 & 2019 Orientation dates have been adjusted due to holidays.