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What is Elevate Your Learning?

Elevate Your Learning is the name of our annual professional development program. Each year we coordinate a variety of workshops and learning opportunities to provide our staff and faculty with opportunities for professional and personal enrichment.  Starting in Fall of 2017, Elevate Your Learning workshops will give you the opportunity to earn digital badges as a record of your achievement. This digital badge can be added to LinkedIn, Facebook, or other open badging platforms.

How does Elevate Your Learning work?

You will select a workshop or learning opportunity from each category and click on the title to register through the Workshop Scheduler. Once you’ve completed the requirements for the chosen path, you will receive a digital badge.

Can I earn a badge if I can’t come to every workshop in-person?

Yes, our goal is to make professional development accessible to everyone and reach those who are underserved. You may use the additional resources as the bottom of this page to earn some of your credits through online and after-hours programs.

Who can earn badges?

All of our programs are geared toward and open to both staff (permanent, temporary, part-time and full-time) and faculty at Appalachian State University. Attendance at our professional development programs is considered paid work time and we encourage you to attend during work hours.

Access the workshop scheduler for our online catalog of workshop opportunities!