Emergency Loan Fund

4/6/20; 11:28AM

In her March 28, 2020 campus update, Chancellor Everts reminded faculty and staff of the University’s Emergency Loan Fund Program, which provides zero-interest emergency loans to faculty and staff experiencing a financial hardship.

Under the program, loans of up to $750 are available to eligible faculty and staff for qualifying circumstances with minimal payments made through payroll deduction.  Under normal circumstances, our campus policy requires a loan issued under this program to be fully repaid before a faculty or staff member is eligible to request additional funds.  As a temporary exception, for the duration of our current COVID-19 emergency, Chancellor Everts has approved a change to allow faculty and staff with a current loan balance less than $750 to borrow the difference between their existing loan balance and the $750 maximum amount.  Under this option, a new repayment scheduled will be calculated on the new loan amount.

To request a new emergency loan or addition to a current loan, complete the loan application and payroll deduction authorization and submit the completed forms electronically to the Office of Human Resources at:  human-resources@appstate.edu.  Please direct all inquiries to the same email address or through the Office of Human Resources Contact Form.