Time and Leave Reporting Communication

4/9/20; 4:33PM

As we approach April payroll processing, we need to make you aware of special time and leave reporting provisions related to the COVID-19 emergency.  Recall that the following special pay and leave provisions have been implemented during the emergency:

1.       On March 13, we announced that all employees whose physical presence on campus is not required to perform essential job functions would begin teleworking no later than March 23.

2.       On March 19, we announced that employees who are not able to work for certain COVID-19-related reasons, and who cannot telework, would receive paid administrative leave for the period from March 16 through March 31.  This included regular staff, student employees and non-student temporary employees.

3.       On March 30, we announced that paid administrative leave would continue for all employee classifications through April 30 and that mandatory employees (those required to report to work on campus to perform all or part of their jobs) would receive ½ hour of compensatory time for each hour they are required to work on campus.

To ensure that employees are compensated correctly and for required reporting, we need to account for employee time spent under each of these provisions.  Consequently, you will find new special time and leave reporting codes when you enter time and/or leave for April.

Full guidance related to these special time and leave codes are posted on the Office of Human Resources COVID-19 website.  Note that there is separate guidance posted for employees on monthly (SHRA and EHRA) and semi-monthly (student and non-student temporary) payrolls.

Please pay close attention to this guidance and direct any questions to the Office of Human Resources at human-resources@appstate.edu or contact Angie Miller at (828) 262-6769 or Mark Bachmeier at (828) 262-6482.