2018 Employee Engagement Survey

Can't find your login and password information?  You will need to contact ModernThink directly at 888.684.4658

Employee Engagement Survey

The UNC System Strategic Plan includes a commitment to fostering diverse and excellent institutions, including a goal to "systematically focus on recruitment, retention, and development of the most talented and diverse workforce possible at all levels."  In support of this goal, the Strategic Plan prescribes that the system will implement a plan to measure key success metrics, including faculty and staff engagement.  As a part of this plan, each institution in the UNC System will participate in a system-wide Employee Engagement Survey to gather input from faculty and staff about workplace engagement over the next five years.

The survey will be conducted by ModernThink LLC, an independed research and consulting firm that specialized in higher education climate assessment.  ModernThink will launch the first UNC System-wide survey soon.  Topics include collaboration, communication, supervision, workplace culture, benefits, and other related subjects.  The data we receive through this program will help us to support and sustain an environment that attracts and retains world class faculty and staff.

On January 29, the online survey will be distributed to all full-time faculty and staff.  Employees will receive an email invitation directly from ModernThink with details about the survey and how to log on.  As an employee, you will receive a unique login and password that only you can use to participate in the survey and you will be able to access the survey wherever a computer is available, even at home, on a PC, tablet, or phone.  The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete, and you may complete it on work time or off work time.

Survey participation is voluntary and completely confidential.  Only ModernThink will have access to individual employee responses.  AppState will receive only aggregate results.  More information about survey confidentiality can be found HERE.  You may also contact ModernThink directly at (888) 684-4658 or email surveys@moderthink.net with any questions you may have.

This is a very important initiative for our campus and our system.  AppState values your input and our goal is to have as close to full participation as possible.  The ModernThink system will also generate random prize codes.  If, upon completion of the survey, you receive a prize code, you can redeem the code at the Office of Human Resources for Mountaineer gear.

Later this year, the University will receive and share reports that summarize the data provided so that we can recognize our successes and begin to address any opportunities that most directly impact our campus workplace culture.

Please contact Mark Bachmeier or Emily Wilson in the Office of Human Resources if you have questions.

Open Labs

Human Resources will have the following open lab sessions for employees who need access to a computer or who have questions about the survey:

  • Tuesday, February 6th from 1pm-5pm in East Hall Room B15
  • Wednesday, February 7th from 8a-10a in the Faculty/Staff Lounge of Roess Dining Hall
  • Wednesday, February 7th from 2p-4p in the Faculty/Staff Lounge of Roess Dining Hall
  • Thursday, February 8th from 2p-4p in the Estes Building