Employment Policies

Section 1 - Equal Employment Opportunity 

Section 2 - Workforce, Recruitment and Selection (section 2)

Section 3 - Employment and Records (section 3)

Section 4 - Salary Administration (section 4)  

Probationary Periods

All new University SPA employees are hired under a Probationary Period. Prior to August 21, 2013, the Probationary Period ranged from three (3) to nine (9) months based on the supervisor's recommendation. Effective August 21, 2013, HB 834 aligns the Probationary Period and Career Status. An employee achieves Career Status when they have been continuously employed in a permanent position for 24 months. Until an employee has achieved Career Status, they are considered a "probationary state employee" and are exempt from the provisions of the State Personnel Act. The employee will receive notification from the Office of Human Resources as to any change to their probationary status

Probationary Periods Policy (pdf - 14.22KB)

Reduction-In-Force (RIF)

  • Guidelines and Policies for Staff Employees
  • Reduction-In-Fource suggested Guidelines
  • Reduction-In-Fource Policies