Types of Arrangements

Flexible Work Arrangements are a business strategy that can help employers recruit and retain talented employees.  Flexible Work Arrangements may include:

  • Flexible Schedule Arrangements:
    • Recurring* adjustments to an employee’s weekly work schedule while keeping the total number of hours worked in a workweek the same (e.g. 4 days x 10 hours per day, etc.).
    • Recurring* adjustments to the start and end times of an employee’s scheduled work day.
  • Remote Work Arrangements:
    • Adjustments to an employee’s customary work location involving the employee performing a portion of their assigned work from a location other than their designated university duty station.

The University considers in-person engagement with colleagues, constituents, and the larger campus community to be an important part of the employment relationship.  Accordingly, it is generally required that approved remote work arrangements be hybrid arrangements involving a combination of on-site and remote work.  Full-time remote work arrangements may be approved by management only in exceptional circumstances necessary to meet specific operational needs of the University and/or when necessary to fill vacancies or retain employees in critical positions where the full functions of the position can be performed remotely.

*See FAQs for information regarding short-term/temporary schedule adjustment requests.