Staff Excellence Awards

Staff Excellence Award


The Staff Excellence Award is presented each year to deserving permanent staff employees nominated by other staff, supervisors, administrators and faculty. This information provides an overview of the award's purpose, nomination criteria, selection process, and more.


The primary purpose of this award is to recognize staff for their hard work and dedication to their colleagues and the University as a whole and for their service to the citizens of North Carolina.

Nomination Categories

Nomination categories are listed below. Each of these categories supports one or more of Appalachian State University’s strategic priorities and is defined by the UNC System’s Institutional Goals.

  • Innovation
  • Human Relations
  • Leadership*
  • Engagement
  • Student Success

 * Any employee can be nominated for the Leadership category regardless of their supervisory status.  App State acknowledges that all employees can exhibit leadership skills.

Nomination Process

Nomination forms will be published February 1 – February 15 each year. A campus-wide email will be sent via notifying employees that the nomination process has begun. At close of business on February 15, the nomination period will end.

Nominations for each category can be submitted by clicking on the links below.

  1. Innovation Award (Nomination Form)
  2. Human Relations Award (Nomination Form)
  3. Leadership Award (Nomination Form)
  4. Engagement Award (Nomination Form)
  5. Student Success Award (Nomination Form)

Selection Process

A diverse cross-functional selection committee composed of employees representing various areas across campus will independently review each nomination according to the selection criteria. The top two finalists in each of the five categories will be recommended to the Awards of Distinction Steering Committee. Finalists will be reviewed by the Awards of Distinction Steering Committee for final approval of the five winners.


All employees who are nominated for the Staff Excellence Award will receive a notification of the nomination in the form of a notecard with congratulations signed by the Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources. Award winners, once approved by the steering committee, will receive an official letter congratulating them of their award in their App State email inbox and delivered via US mail. The employee’s manager will also be copied on the notification.

Awards of Distinction Reception

The Office of the Chancellor will host a reception recognizing all university award winners. Details of the event will be sent to the award recipient and their manager.


Please contact Learning and Organizational Development at 828-262-7429 with any questions.


Staff Excellence Award Nomination Guide (.pdf)

App State's 2022-2027 Strategic Plan

UNC System Institutional Goals



Previous Winners

2022 Winners

  • Sarah-Davis Cagle - EHRA
  • Adam Adcock - SHRA
  • Amy Roberts - SHRA

2021 Winners

  • Jason Marshburn - EHRA
  • Lindsay Pepper - EHRA
  • Mallory Sadler - SHRA
  • Angela Owen- SHRA

2020 Winners

  • Dr. Alex Howard - EHRA
  • Amy Odom - EHRA
  • Crystal Weisner - SHRA
  • Alice Fisher - SHRA

2019 Winners

  • Katie Howard - EHRA
  • Mary Strong - EHRA
  • Abby White Gould - SHRA
  • Sarah Heustess - SHRA

 2018 Winners

  • Jennifer Coffey - EHRA
  • Carole Greene - EHRA
  • Angie Jones - SHRA
  • Beth Pouder - SHRA

2017 Winners

  • Haley Childers - EHRA
  • Mary Beth McKee - EHRA
  • Daniel Bryan - SHRA
  • Jim Burniston - SHRA

2016 Winners

  • Lori Townsend - EHRA
  • Tom Van Gilder - EHRA
  • Livelle Rodriguez - SHRA
  • Lori Townsend - SHRA

 2015 Winners

  • Tracey Tardiff
  • Russell Paige
  • Sandi Jones
  • Lynn Patterson