Staff Excellence Awards

Staff Excellence Awards



Consideration is based on the following criteria. More than one category may apply.

  • Customer Service – Provided exceptional service that left the customer fully satisfied with their experience. Exceeded expectations to meet the needs of the customer. Added value to the customer experience.
  • Efficiency & Innovation — Improved the efficiency of state government services. Established new and/ or improved methods, practices, plans or designs resulting in innovation, savings and/or efficiencies.
  • Human Relations/Collegiality — Made outstanding contributions toward enhancing the quality and morale of the workplace or creating a better public image of state government (such as positive personal interaction with other employees; public awareness; working on relations internally within an agency; or collaboration between different agencies).
  • Outstanding State Government Service — Exhibited unselfish devotion to duty far and above the normal requirements and contributed significantly to the advancement of state service to the citizens of North Carolina.
  • Public Service — Made outstanding contributions by participating in or implementing community and public service projects (such as volunteering with various non-profit organizations).
  • Safety and Heroism — Demonstrated outstanding judgment or courage in an emergency, voluntarily risking his/her life, or exhibited meritorious action to prevent injury, loss of life or prevented damage to or loss of property.
  • Spirit of North Carolina - Exemplified the state motto "To be, rather than to seem." Mentored others in the pursuit of excellence. Served as an ambassador for the State of North Carolina. This special award is reserved for exceptional circumstances and for accomplishments and achievements of the highest caliber.


  • Nominees must be career employees with a minimum of (1) year of continuous permanent State service.
  • Appalachian Staff Award winners cannot be eligible again for five (5) years after receiving the award.



Previous Winners

2022 Winners

  • Sarah-Davis Cagle - EHRA
  • Adam Adcock - SHRA
  • Amy Roberts - SHRA

2021 Winners

  • Jason Marshburn - EHRA
  • Lindsay Pepper - EHRA
  • Mallory Sadler - SHRA
  • Angela Owen- SHRA

2020 Winners

  • Dr. Alex Howard - EHRA
  • Amy Odom - EHRA
  • Crystal Weisner - SHRA
  • Alice Fisher - SHRA

2019 Winners

  • Katie Howard - EHRA
  • Mary Strong - EHRA
  • Abby White Gould - SHRA
  • Sarah Heustess - SHRA

 2018 Winners

  • Jennifer Coffey - EHRA
  • Carole Greene - EHRA
  • Angie Jones - SHRA
  • Beth Pouder - SHRA

2017 Winners

  • Haley Childers - EHRA
  • Mary Beth McKee - EHRA
  • Daniel Bryan - SHRA
  • Jim Burniston - SHRA

2016 Winners

  • Lori Townsend - EHRA
  • Tom Van Gilder - EHRA
  • Livelle Rodriguez - SHRA
  • Lori Townsend - SHRA

 2015 Winners

  • Tracey Tardiff
  • Russell Paige
  • Sandi Jones
  • Lynn Patterson