2017-18 Slip, Trip, and Fall Safety Campaign - November Maintaining Good Lighting

2017-2018 Slip, Trip, and Fall Safety Campaign

November-Maintaining Good Lighting

That’s right! Daylights Savings time ends on November 5th. Days are getting shorter and that means more exposure to low light conditions. Maintaining good lighting is a key action to preventing slips, trips, and falls.

  • Whether walking around town, your yard, or even the office, remember to plan on having a way to illuminate your path. Flashlights are still the most underrated invention of all time (not a scientific fact).
  • Working areas and walkways should always be well lit. Ensure to address faulty light bulbs and switches.
  • Good housekeeping can prevent hazards in low light situations. Clean spills, remove clutter from floors, close filing cabinets, etc. Also watch out for trotting gobblers at dusk and dawn.
  • Remember that other hazards can be exacerbated by the dark also; wet leaves, frost, uneven terrain, etc.


Published: Nov 2, 2017 1:53pm