FY 2018-19 Compensation Update

On Tuesday, June 12, the General Assembly finalized the 2018-19 State Budget, which will take effect July 1.

Provisions impacting employees of the UNC System were included in the budget, and it is important Appalachian employees are aware of the complexities of the budget allocations regarding UNC System employee compensation.

  • While the budget includes funding for state employee salary increases, the 2 percent increase for most state employees does not apply to UNC System employees. Instead, the General Assembly appropriated $20 million for salary increases to state-funded SHRA and EHRA positions across the UNC System, and has tasked the UNC Board of Governors with allocating the funds and determining how it will be awarded to System employees. It should be noted that the $20 million appropriation is not sufficient to provide a 2 percent increase to all state-funded positions across the System.
  • The budget provides a separate appropriation to establish a new minimum annual salary for full-time state employees of $31,200, the equivalent of $15.00 per hour.  This is a positive step and the appropriation applies to all state-funded positions with salaries less than the new minimum, including those within the UNC System. However, positions with salaries funded from non-state sources are not covered by this legislative appropriation.
  •  All eligible state employees will receive five days of special bonus leave. This leave will expire only at the time of separation from state government service and will not have cash value at separation.


Please know that the budget was only recently finalized. We don’t yet know what amount will be allocated to our campus and there is still much to consider as we work with the UNC System Office and others to understand when and under what conditions each of these legislative provisions will be implemented. Appalachian’s leadership continues to advocate for equitable compensation for our employees.

We commit to keeping our campus community informed as we learn more and as we receive additional guidance.







Published: Jun 20, 2018 8:58am