January 2018: Slip, Trip, and Fall Safety Campaign - Winter Recreation

January - Winter Recreation
We are fortunate to live in an area which has the opportunity for many winter recreation activities. Unfortunately, many of these activities are inherently dangerous. Trips and falls make up a large part of winter recreation related injuries. However, with proper preparation and awareness, you can lessen the likelihood that a fall will you leave you grounded!

  • Never assume a frozen body of water is safe to walk on. Falling through thin ice causes multiple injuries and fatalities every year.

  • Ensure your recreational equipment is in proper working condition and suitable for your activity. This includes ice skates, skis/boards, sleds and all other specialty equipment.

  • If you are participating in a downhill sport, do not attempt a trail/run that is above your skill level.

  • Always assess your surroundings for trip hazards prior to participating in winter sports.

  • Watch for skiers or sledders that may be stopped in the middle of a trail/run.

  • Ensure you do not have on loose clothing that could get caught in a chair lift or other machinery.

  • Slips, Trips, and Falls are only part of winter safety. Remember to dress appropriately, stay hydrated, and take frequent breaks in cold weather.

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Published: Jan 4, 2018 2:12pm