July 2023 Retirement Webinar Events for Teachers & State Employees

July 2023 Retirement Webinar Events for Teachers & State Employees

The NC Total Retirement Plans Team is offering the following webinars to help you learn more about your retirement plan benefits and steps you can take for a more secure retirement.

Click on the registration link to register for any session that interests you. Please note there may be multiple dates and times listed so you can select the one that works best for you.


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Naming Your Beneficiary

Learn how the NC 401k & NC 457 Retirement Plans have the potential to protect your loved ones, including recent plan changes to accommodate inherited accounts.


Audience: NC 401k & NC 457 Participants

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NC Plans Roadmap to Retirement

Retiree Advocate, Mark McCluskey, will provide an overview of the topics one should consider on their journey to and through retirement to include asset allocation, longevity risk, Social Security, and healthcare in retirement.

Audience: Anyone age 50+

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NC Retirement Systems: Avoiding Scams, Frauds & Exploitation of Retirement Assets

The Department of State Treasurer Retirement Systems Division is hosting a special NC Total Retirement Webinar coupled with a discussion of how to protect your Retirement Assets. Special guest speakers Misty Piekaar-McWillliams, JD Dept of Health & Human Services and John Maron, Secretary of State.


Audience: All TSERS & LGERS Employees

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The NC 401(k) & NC 457 Retirement Plans: Helping State Employees Achieve Retirement Readiness

Join Michael Noel for an evening presentation to assist State employees understand the NC Supplemental Retirement Plans. Topics will include a discussion of plan features, the distinction between pretax & after-tax Roth contributions, and the available investment options.


Audience: State Employees

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What Happens When You Leave?

Keep your money in the NC 401k or NC 457? Make a withdrawal? Rollover? Whether you’re retiring or terminating employment, you’ve worked hard to save for retirement. Discover in this webinar the options available to you when you leave employment.


Audience: anyone close to separating from service

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NC Total Retirement Planning Webinar for TSERS Employees

This interactive webinar is a joint presentation hosted by the NC Department of State Treasurer Retirement Systems Division discussing the Teachers’ & State Employees Retirement System, the NC 401(k) & NC 457, and the retirement process.


Audience: Teachers & State Employees nearing retirement.

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Monday- Friday



30 minutes


Schedule a personal consultation with Donny Dutton to discuss your retirement-related questions.


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Registration is easy:

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  • Once you register for a session, you will receive a confirmation email that contains a calendar invite. Be sure to “ACCEPT” the invite so it populates your calendar.


On the day of the webinar, please remember:

  • To attend the session, click on the link in your calendar invite. You can join up to 15 minutes early.
  • You will be asked to enter in your name, email, and employer. Be sure to log in with the email address that you registered with!
  • You will then be asked how you want to hear the session – choose the option to use the computer for audio if you have speakers or a headset for listening or choose to “Call In” and a toll-free number and passcode will display for you to dial in from your cell or land line.


We look forward to seeing you there!


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