Student Employment Supervisor of the Year

In this third year awarding Student Employee Supervisor of the Year, the Career Development Center received 27 nominations of outstanding supervisors across campus. We evaluated nominations based on how the supervisors create positive, inclusive work environments for student employees, how they model career readiness competencies in the workplace and how they help students identify and develop transferable skills through their part-time on-campus employment. After careful consideration, Devon Roddel, Catering Supervisor with Grandview Catering & Events, has been selected as the 2023 Supervisor of the Year!

Devon has provided long standing service to this university by first working as a Student Campus Dining Assistant in 2017 and quickly made her way through the ranks as a Student Manager. After graduating in 2020 with her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Devon continued to stay on with Campus Dining and Catering in various capacities till 2021 when she went full-time. Devon supervises undergraduate students who strive to provide quality dining experiences and exceptional customer service to our university affiliates, community members and alumni. Devon received nominations from 7 different students who all commented on her commitment to the student employees’ professional growth, investment in training new employees and intentionality on creating a welcoming and safe space for all the Catering staff members.

In their nomination, one student had this to say about Devon as a supervisor:

“Devon has helped create a positive and inclusive environment with her infectious personality. We have many international students, specifically from Spain. Furthermore, there is a significant amount of student employees who are Latine. Devon, recognizing how important it is for the international students and Latine students to feel comfortable speaking Spanish, has taken it upon herself to learn conversational Spanish! Any chance she gets she makes the heritage/native speakers test her Spanish. She actively encourages students to speak in their native language. While many of the international students can speak fluent English, Devon encourages them to ask questions in Spanish when and if these students can't communicate exactly what they want to say. I’ve worked with Catering for a little over a year now and everytime I come into work, without fail, Devon always says hello; and if time permits it, chats with the student employees. She has a strong professional relationships with everyone on staff, from back of the house, Dishwashers and with the Servers she works alongside of. Devon makes you feel like you matter, that you’re part of the team, and creates a family environment.”

Congratulations, Devon, and thank you for all that you do for the students you supervise and your service to Appalachian State!

Published: Jun 20, 2023 7:51am