Time is Running Out....... Complete your Annual Enrollment Today

October 31, 2018 is the final day that employees can take action for the 2019 benefit year.  Things you need to know:


  • All employees will be automatically enrolled in the 70/30 Plan and MUST TAKE ACTION to reduce their premium.  If members prefer the 80/20 Plan, they MUST TAKE ACTION! If they want to reduce their monthly premium on either plan, they MUST TAKE ACTION by completing the tobacco attestation! If they fail to take action during Open Enrollment, they will be enrolled in the 70/30 Plan and their monthly premiums will be considerably higher in 2019
  • You must re-enroll for the Flexible Spending Accounts every year. 
  • The tobacco attestation premium credit activity has changed for tobacco users who want to reduce their premium. All active members in the 70/30 Plan and 80/20 Plan are offered the opportunity to reduce their monthly premium by $60 each month by completing the tobacco attestation and attesting to being tobacco-free or committing to enroll in the CVS MinuteClinic tobacco cessation program within 90 days after the last day of Open Enrollment. Employees that choose this option will receive a voucher in the mail to take with them for a session to be provided at no cost. The voucher will be mailed after Open Enrollment ends.
  • The 80/20 Plan’s out-of-pocket maximum has changed from a separate medical and pharmacy out-of-pocket amount to a combined medical and pharmacy out-of-pocket maximum, which totals $4,890. This means that once members reach this amount, their Plan benefit will pick up 100% of covered expenses for the rest of the benefit year.
  • There has also been a change in the 80/20 Plan’s specialist and inpatient hospital copay. The specialist copay is $80. The inpatient hospital copay is $300.
  • Before the end of the year, all employees will receive a new State Health Plan ID card, regardless of actions taken during Open Enrollment. The new card has been redesigned to provide greater transparency about benefits as well as better descriptions of services and copay amounts.

Go to appstate.hrintouch.com  Enter your designated username and password (This is not your Appstate ID) Your username is your first name, the first initial of your last name and the last four digits of your SSN.
If you experience problems logging in or enrolling contact Stacy Clarke at 262-7872 (clarkesn@appstate.edu), Cindy McGuire at 262-6485 (mcguirecl@appstate.edu) or Angie Miller at 262-6769 (millerad@appstate.edu)

Published: Oct 23, 2018 10:22am