Use Community Service Leave to Support Hurricane Recovery

Governor Roy Cooper is encouraging state employees to use Community Service Leave
to help with storm recovery efforts across North Carolina.  Between October 7-13, state
employees can join other volunteers in a clean-up effort in hard-hit communities.
An additional 16 hours of Community Service Leave has been allocated to all permanent
state employees for the express purpose of helping North Carolina neighbors devastated
by the record-shattering floods and other damage. Many state employees themselves
suffered damage from the storm, and they also have access to additional leave as they
work to recover.
To join the volunteer efforts next week or in the weeks and months ahead,  visit the
VolunteerNC website where many local nonprofits have posted opportunities to help. 
If you plan to use Community Service Leave, be sure to obtain supervisor approval prior

to your activity.

Published: Oct 5, 2018 11:47am