The Office of Human Resources has delegation from North Carolina Office of State Human Resources to administer the classification and compensation program for Appalachian State University.  For more information please reference the Board of Governor's Policy 300.3.1[R] Regulations on Delegation of Responsibility for Classification and Compensation of SHRA Personnel to Constituent Institutions.

The Classification and Compensation Group consults with and advises University managers and supervisors on the following:

  • organizational structure,
  • evaluation of work and classification assigned to those positions that are Subject to the Human Resources Act of North Carolina (SHRA)
  • and compensation issues.

In addition, the Classification & Compensation Group approves the establishment of new SHRA positions and performs the study of existing positions in the Career Banded System.

As the needs of departments change and positions evolve, this Group assists current employees by providing them with the necessary information for making career growth decisions.

NOTE:  All actions submitted to the Office of Human Resources will be responded to in the order they are received and within 30 days.


All staff (SHRA) positions at Appalachian State University are subject to or exempt from Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The determination of FLSA status will be made by the Office of Human Resources.