Blackstar Guitar Amp

Blackstar Guitar Amp, HT-5R MKI, 5 watt 1/12 Tube Hybrid Combo w/Reverb; plus, Weber MicoMass Attenuator ($100 value) for $395.  Shipping extra.
Excellent condition, rarely used (interests turned acoustic), no blemishes. Perfect amp for practice and small gigs. MANY features: 5 Watt combo w/reverb; ECC83 and 12BH7 tubes; 2 foot-switchable channels (Clean w/tone and Overdrive w/gain and vol. w/expanded EQ w/Bass, Mid, Treble); signature ISF control creates tone ranges of American and English amps; Effects Loop, Cabinet Select feature toggles the 12" Blackbird 50 speaker & an emulation of 4x12 closed-back cab; Outputs: 1/16 Ohm and 1x8 Ohm or 2x16 Ohm; 1/4" mp3/Line Input to audio device for jamming; Emulated Output & Headphone jack w/same toggle feature. Well-built, rugged 27lb beast in vintage styling.  With Weber MicoMass Attenuator ($100 value). Why? This amp puts out so much power for its size that for small-room use (family, neighbors) the attenuator lets you crank up the tube sound to the desired crunch, but reduce the volume between the amp and speaker. (The amp has an out-to-in plug that allows this most helpful addition.)

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