COVID-19 Teleworking Guidelines & Arrangements

COVID-19 Teleworking Guidelines

As part of our campus response to the COVID-19 virus, and in line with the social distancing guidance of the UNC System and the March 12 recommendations of Governor Cooper, we are implementing teleworking opportunities for all employees whose physical presence on campus is not required to perform the essential functions of their jobs. 

Managers are asked to please make all necessary arrangements so that telework arrangements for eligible employees are in place to begin no later than Monday, March 23. 

This applies to all employee classifications, including student employees, under the following guidelines:

  • Managers are responsible for determining which employees within their areas of responsibility are eligible to telework, based solely on the nature of each employee’s work and the extent to which the work can be performed remotely.  Our campus remains open and fully operational and managers are responsible to support employee telework options to the extent possible while also maintaining on-campus departmental operations. 
  • Teleworking will not be applicable to all employees, based on the functions of their respective jobs and departmental business need.  Telework may also be implemented intermittently for employees, where practicable, to accomplish both safety goals and business need.
  • Managers are encouraged to be especially vigilant in considering teleworking options for employees identified by public health officials as being at high risk for COVID-19 infection and those who are caregivers for someone who is at high risk. See this page for these guidelines.
  • For student safety, and consistent with our campus transition to alternative course delivery methods, student employees will not be permitted to work on campus beginning March 23.  Departments employing students should consider all possible opportunities for student employees to perform available work remotely. 
  • The Office of Human Resources is available to assist managers in their considerations and development of teleworking arrangements.


Specific Guidelines for all Telework Arrangements

  • All telework arrangements related to this COVID-19 response must be documented using this dedicated Employee Telework Plan and Agreement form.  Please provide a copy of each completed form to the Office of Human Resources.
  • All telework arrangements are dependent upon the employee’s ability to perform the essential functions of their job remotely and the existence of any internet capability and/or other communication technology that may be required to perform the job functions at the remote location.
  • Employees’ direct supervisors are responsible to:
    • Clearly communicate expectations regarding work to be performed during the telework period, including hours during which the work is to be performed, if applicable.
    • Monitor employee work performance and productivity.
    • Remain in regular contact with employees during the telework period.
  • Teleworking employees are responsible to:
    • Complete assigned work within the same expected timelines and to the same performance level as for regular on-campus work.
    • Remain in communication with their supervisors and report any problems they encounter in performing their job functions remotely.
    • Track and report work hours and/or leave taken through the regular time and/or leave reporting process that applies to their classification.
    • Report to campus as requested by management to attend any required meetings or to meet other work-related obligations.
  • Teleworking employees who are subject to overtime may not work in excess of forty hours in any workweek without prior approval of their supervisor.
  • All university property, work materials and/or work product (hard copy or electronic) used or created by an employee at any remote telework location must be securely maintained by the employee and returned to campus.  Electronic work product should be stored exclusively on university servers and should not be maintained on personal computers.
  • All telework arrangements may be amended or discontinued at the discretion of management based on business need or employee performance and/or productivity.