Update on the Temporary Suspension of Non-Essential HR Actions

Yesterday, we received notice from UNC System Interim President Roper that the temporary suspension of non-essential personnel actions, originally implemented on March 24, 2020, will remain in effect until further notice.  The continuation of the temporary suspension reflects related directives issued by the Office of State Budget and Management on April 23, 2020.

Under the updated guidance, the directive to suspend non-essential salary adjustments, position actions (including creating new positions or modifications to existing positions), and new hires remains in effect, subject to exceptions granted by the Chancellor on a case-by-case basis.  Exceptions may be granted by the chancellor under the following circumstances:

•       To support COVID-19 response, including any healthcare, public safety, or clinical operations 

•       To support or augment essential operations at the discretion of the chancellor, and when delay will be counterproductive to the future operational needs of the University, taking into account current developments regarding COVID-19.

•       To fill or maintain positions mandated by law or policy without the ability to delay.

•       When required by employment contract without ability to delay.

•       Promotional actions that comply with pre-determined procedures such as an institution’s Tenure Code, or with respect to pre-established staff trainee progressions.

•       Hiring actions that are fully funded by externally funded contracts and grants and that have appropriate contingencies for end of appointment or reductions in force in the event of the loss of external funding.

•       As otherwise directed by the President or his designee.

The full updated guidance is posted on the Office of Human Resources COVID-19 website.

Updated guidance on other personnel-related aspects of our System-wide COVID-19 response is expected soon.  Please watch for additional updates.