Employee Resources regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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Time & Leave Reporting During COVID-19 Reduced Operations

EHRA & SHRA Time Reporting

Non-Student Temporary & Student Employee Time Reporting

*Please note that 4/10, 5/25, 7/3 are observed state holidays.  All employees are reminded to record these as HOL on their timesheets and leave reports.   Holiday premium pay and equal time will apply to eligible employees who work the holiday, just as they would under normal operations, instead of COVID-19 compensatory time.

COVID-19 Shared Leave Bank

Appalachian State University has established a COVID-19 Shared Leave Bank to help staff who cannot work for certain COVID-19-related reasons, who are receiving less than full paid administrative or FFCRA leave, and who have exhausted their own personal leave balances.  All leave-earning employees may voluntarily elect to donate leave to the shared leave bank and eligible employees can request donated leave from the bank to help supplement their partial paid leaves. 

Additional details about the shared leave bank program are provided in our July 6, 2020 campus communication and links to forms for donating leave to the bank and requesting leave from the bank are provided below.

High Risk Consideration Form

As we continue a phased return to on-campus work, published safety guidance encourages us to provide special consideration to employees with underlying health conditions that place them at high risk for severe illness from COVID-19, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  To ensure the protection of confidential personal health information, to comply with requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and to ensure equitable and consistent consideration for all employees, Appalachian State University has implemented a centralized process for review of high-risk factors and other individual circumstances that may impact employees' safe return to on-campus work. 

Please use this form to report any high risk health factors or other circumstances that may affect your ability to return to work on campus or to comply with workplace safety requirements. 

Temporary Suspension of Non-Essential HR Actions

HR Cancellations and/or Adjustments to Procedures

  • Until further notice, we are suspending all in-person professional development programs offered through the Office of Human Resources.  During this time, we will continue to ensure that professional development opportunities are available for staff online.  Information about online programs can be found at: https://hr.appstate.edu/online-professional-development.
  • This year's Annual Performance Review period for SHRA and EHRA Non-Faculty employees has been extended from March 31 to June 30, 2020.  Under this extension, 2019-2020 reviews will be conducted in July and August. We will communicate new dates for self appraisals and 2020-2021 work plans at a later time.
  • Until further notice, our regular New Employee Orientation (NEO) program will be suspended and replaced with an alternate program in which critical information for new hires will be provided virtually.  During this time, in the absence of scheduled NEO, you may schedule any new hires to begin employment at the start of any workweek.  Please note that all new hires will have to report to the Office of Human Resources within three days of their start date to complete the I-9 employment verification process and to enroll in benefits.  Please watch for additional updates as we finalize the online programming.

Search Committee Guidance

Please refer to the latest Updated Guidance Regarding Personnel Actions from 8/21/20 listed above or here.

  • Only the most critical vacant positions will be approved to be filled and approval will require a strong justification that a position is critical, including those directly related to our COVID-19 response.
  • Currently posted vacancies should be reviewed by the hiring manager and discussed with the respective Vice Chancellor to determine whether they should proceed, based on whether they are critical, including those directly related to our COVID-19 response.

Only Chancellor Everts, or someone expressly authorized by the Chancellor, may approve proposed personnel actions, based on the criteria provided above.

HR can help you navigate these employment developments by communicating with your applicants and transition your searches in the PeopleAdmin system for you.

To ensure an equitable search, Human Resources continues to encourage all job searches conducted virtually via telephone and video interviews. Our Employment Office has assembled guidance on how to conduct successful virtual searches.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions:

Nancy Crowell - crowellnd@appstate.edu
Associate Director for Employment
Shelley Leder - leders@appstate.edu
Lead Talent Acquisition Specialist
Divisions: Chancellor, Advancement, & 
Smaller Colleges in Academic Affairs
Candace Silver - silverch@appstate.edu
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Division: Academic Affairs
Matthew Grieve - grievem@appstate.edu
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Divisions: Business Affairs and Student Affairs
Cindy Day - daycl@appstate.edu
HR Specialist
Temporary Employment


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