Leave Information

Time & Leave Reporting During COVID-19 Reduced Operations

EHRA & SHRA Time Reporting

Non-Student Temporary & Student Employee Time Reporting

*Please note that 4/10, 5/25, 7/3 are observed state holidays.  All employees are reminded to record these as HOL on their timesheets and leave reports.   Holiday premium pay and equal time will apply to eligible employees who work the holiday, just as they would under normal operations, instead of COVID-19 compensatory time.


COVID-19 Shared Leave Bank

Appalachian State University has established a COVID-19 Shared Leave Bank to help staff who cannot work for certain COVID-19-related reasons, who are receiving less than full paid administrative or FFCRA leave, and who have exhausted their own personal leave balances.  All leave-earning employees may voluntarily elect to donate leave to the shared leave bank and eligible employees can request donated leave from the bank to help supplement their partial paid leaves. 

Additional details about the shared leave bank program are provided in our July 6, 2020 campus communication and links to forms for donating leave to the bank and requesting leave from the bank are provided below.