COVID-19 Shared Leave Bank

7/6/20; 3:00PM

We recently communicated, in an update on work and leave provisions effective July 1, 2020, that paid administrative leave for employees who are unable to work for certain COVID-19-related reasons was reduced from 2/3 to 1/3 of employees’ regular rate of pay beginning July 1.  This requires affected employees to apply additional personal leave in order to receive their regular compensation.  We also communicated that we would be establishing a COVID-19 Shared Leave Bank, to help affected employees who exhaust their own personal leave balances supplement the 1/3 paid administrative leave or less than full paid leave under the Families First Coronavirus Recovery Act (FFCRA)

Our COVID-19 Shared Leave Bank is now operational.  We are accepting donations to the bank and requests from eligible employees to draw from the bank, following the respective instructions below.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support for our staff colleagues.

Information for those wishing to donate leave to the COVID-19 Shared Leave Bank

  • All leave-earning employees may donate leave to the shared leave bank.
  • Donating leave to the shared leave bank is completely voluntary.
  • You may donate leave to the shared leave bank using the COVID-19 Shared Leave Donation Form.
  • You may donate any form of your own available leave listed on the donation form and recipients can use all forms of donated leave interchangeably. 
  • You may donate any amount of leave to the bank, provided that your donation does not bring your own accrued vacation or sick leave balances below 40 hours each.
  • Donations may be made any time beginning today and through November 30, 2020. 
  • Any donated leave that is not used by a recipient prior to December 31, 2020 will be returned to donors’ leave balances on a prorated basis.  

Information for employees requesting leave from the COVID-19 Shared Leave Bank

  • If you meet the criteria below, you may request to receive leave from the shared leave bank to supplement your paid administrative or FFCRA leave using the COVID-19 Shared Leave Request Form.
  • To be eligible to receive donated leave, you must be receiving less than full paid administrative or less than fully paid FFCRA leave for one of the following reasons:
    • You are not required to work on campus and you cannot telework because of the nature of your position; or
    • You are unable to work due to child care needs caused by a COVID-19 school or child care closing; or
    • You are unable to work due to elder care needs caused by a COVID-19 facility closure.
    • To be eligible, you must exhaust all forms of your own personal leave.
    • Requests will be received on a month basis prior to each monthly payroll beginning in July 2020 and through December 2020.
    • All requests for each month must be made by the 15th of each month, to allow time to process in advance of payroll.
    • If you meet eligibility criteria and have either already exhausted your personal leave or you will not have enough leave to supplement your paid administrative or FFCRA leave for the monthly pay period, you may request donated leave up to the amount necessary to provide you full pay for the pay period.
    • Our ability to provide you with any or all of the leave you request is dependent upon the amount of donated leave in the shared leave bank and the amount of leave requested by all employees.  Available leave will be distributed equitably among all employees who submit requests each month.
    • Recipients of donated leave will receive instructions for completing their monthly timesheets or leave reports.

These instructions are included on the respective donor and recipient forms.  If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Human Resources for assistance.