Resources for Employees

Effective Flexible Work Arrangements are a partnership between a supervisor and an employee.  They require ongoing, open communication both prior to and after implementation, to ensure that business needs, customer service delivery, and the employee’s ability to successfully perform all required job functions are not adversely affected by the arrangement.  All Flexible Work Arrangements are implemented at management discretion, are subject to periodic review, and may be altered or rescinded at any time based on business needs or employee performance.  For instructions on how to request a Flexible Work Arrangement, please visit this page.


Resources for Supervisors

Supervisors are key to the success of a flexible work arrangement (FWA) and are best positioned to assess which jobs and employees are suitable for flexible work arrangements. They should be prepared to manage the work under the conditions of the arrangement, and set and manage the expectations. Managing flexible work arrangements requires the same skills as managing everyday issues.  For instructions on how to approve an employee's online request for a Flexible Work Arrangement, please click here.