Updates to UNC System Office Return-to-Work Guidance 2/10/21

2/11/21; 10:20AM

The UNC System Office recently issued an updated version of its COVID-19 Return to On-Site Work Guidance for Faculty and Staff brochure.  The new version reinforces certain existing safety guidance and includes several updates, based on corresponding revisions to Office of State Human Resources and NCDHHS guidance.  The updated brochure is posted on the Office of Human Resources COVID-19 website under Return to Work Guidance.

The updated guidance:

  • Confirms that campuses should continue to promote remote work to the greatest extent possible, where business needs and employees’ job responsibilities permit.  Please remember that new teleworking arrangements, and changes to existing arrangements, for staff should be documented with the Office of Human Resources following the guidance and using the form found on the Office of Human Resources COVID-19 website.
  • Reinforces that employees are expected to wear cloth face coverings that cover the nose and mouth at all times while inside campus work sites, unless they are alone in their offices or personal space.
  • Confirms that face shields alone are not an acceptable substitute for cloth face coverings.
  • Modifies previous references to “high-risk” employees to match the new CDC use of “increased risk.”  This change will be reflected in references to our campus process for faculty and staff to request workplace considerations for conditions placing them at “increased risk” for serious complications associated with COVID-19 but the process remains unchanged.  Additional information and a form for use in requesting consideration can be found on the Office of Human Resources COVID-19 website.
  • Discourages sharing university vehicles whenever possible.
  • Recommends that 65-inch-high partitions be used between workspaces in open areas and/or within six feet of each other.
  • Updates guidance related to potential disciplinary responses to non-compliance with health and safety procedures.

We encourage you to review the updated guidance and please contact the Office of Human Resources at 828-262-3187 or human-resources@appstate.edu with questions.