Applicant wants to know who is on the search committee prior to interviewing

Only the Search Committee Chair is public knowledge. The committee can determine to disclose their names, but it is best practice to only share contact information for the Chair.

How do you treat internal and external candidates the same?

You don't have to get hotel rooms for internal candidates, however they should be treated fairly as far as dinner arrangements go, campus tours etc. They can decline a campus tour, but you can offer it.

How many candidates am I required to interview?

To be considered a fair and equitable search, Human Resources recommends a minimum of three applicants to be interviewed.



When may search committees begin looking at applications?

Search committees may begin looking at applications on the date listed in the job announcement. For example, "Review of applications will begin on October 3, 2018, and will continue until the position is filled." The committee must continue to review all applications and give them full consideration until the position is filled. If you put in the advertisement that, "review of applications will begin immediately," you can start reviewing applications from the time they start coming in.

How many people should be on a search committee?

The hiring official should appoint at least three people to a search committee.