Other Types of Employment

Secondary Employment (SHRA & EPS)

Employment Outside of Appalachian State University or outside of a non-State government employer.  The policy requires an employee to have approval from their supervisor before engaging in secondary employment.   
For policy information visit: Secondary Employment Policy Manual

Dual Employment

Dual Employment occurs when a university or State agency secures the services of a current employee of another State university or state agency on a part-time, consulting, or contractual basis. 

Dual employment is used for a critical need or a one-time, fixed-term assignment and cannot conflict with the employee’s regularly assigned duties. This policy applies to all employees.  

  • “Borrowing Agency”:  The State department, agency or institution seeking on a temporary or part-time basis the services of an employee of another State agency. 
  • “Parent (Lending) Agency”:  The State department, agency or institution having control over the services of the employee, and from which the employee receives regular paycheck. 

The administrative head or designee of the parent agency or university must give approval in writing in each instance of an employee’s performing services for pay for another State agency or university. Approval should be granted or withheld after a careful weighing of the circumstances, considering such factors as the character of the services to be performed, the effect on the morale of other State employees, the ethical consideration involved, the temporary loss of the services of the individual to the parent agency or university, the possible reduced efficiency of the individual as a result of fatigue or inattention to primary responsibilities, the urgency of the situation, possible alternative arrangement, and other pertinent factors. If the administrative head or designee of the agency or university is to perform services for pay for another State agency or university, the arrangements must be approved by the State Budget Officer.

Immediate Supervisor Approval: In any case of services performed for pay for a borrowing agency or university during an employee’s “own time”, the employee’s immediate supervisor must certify in writing that (a) the actual work and any related travel time will be performed outside of regularly scheduled working hours, and (b) the employee will not use “company time” to prepare for the services to the borrowing agency or university.

The “borrowing agency” is responsible for the cost of the dual employment salary. Payment for an approved dual employment assignment is processed through the State Budget Form CP-30.  The payment is made to the “parent agency” and then by the “parent agency”  to the employee through the payroll system.   The reimbursement of any travel expenses is the responsibility of the “borrowing agency” and is payable directly to the employee in accordance with the policies and procedures of the “borrowing agency”. 

For policy information visit:  Appalachian State University Dual Employment Policy Manual  or OSHR Dual Employment Policy.

Note: This policy does not apply to public school or community college system employees. 

External Professional Activities of Faculty and Other Professional Staff

  • Additional Employment Outside of Appalachian State University for Faculty and EPS (Formerly EHRA). 
  • Performing work outside of AppState and outside of State Government on an individual contractual basis. 
  • Work is related to Professional Credentials.  

For policy information visit:  External Professional Activities of Faculty and Other Professional Staff Policy Manual

Complete required form for approval: Notice of Intent to Engage in External Professional Activities for Pay

Supplement Employment

Supplemental employment occurs when a current State employee accepts an additional offer of employment within Appalachian State University outside of the scope of the primary position. An employee must seek, and receive, supervisory approval, prior to engaging in any supplemental employment. The purpose of this approval process is to ensure that any additional employment does not have an adverse effect upon the primary source of employment. 

 For Policy Information Visit:  Supplemental Pay Policy

This includes FAC & EPS:  One Time Pay form & Instructions

SHRA Non-Exempt:  Employee with 2nd ASU job


Volunteers are not considered State employees. All hours of service are performed for charitable, civic, humanitarian, or other purposes.  A background check is required.