Employee Engagement Survey


The UNC System Strategic Plan includes a commitment to fostering diverse and excellent institutions, including a goal to "systematically focus on recruitment, retention, and development of the most talented and diverse workforce possible at all levels." In support of this goal, the Strategic Plan prescribes that the System will implement a plan to measure key success metrics, including faculty and staff engagement. As a part of this plan, each institution in the UNC System will participate in a system-wide Employee Engagement Survey three times over a five-year period, beginning in 2018, to gather input from faculty and staff about workplace engagement.


The UNC System engaged ModernThink LLC, an independent research and consulting firm that specializes in higher education climate assessment, to administer our engagement survey process. All UNC campuses and the System Office participated in the first of the three surveys in 2018. The same survey will be replicated in 2020 and again in 2022, to measure progress toward identified improvement goals.



The Employee Engagement Survey deadline has been extended through February 25th, 2020.

The 2020 survey will launch February 4, 2020 and run through 11:59pm on February 25, 2020.  You will receive an email invitation directly from ModernThink with details about the survey and how to log on. You will receive a unique login and password that only you can use to participate in the survey, and you will be able to access the survey wherever a computer is available, even at home, on a PC, tablet, or phone. The survey takes about 20–25 minutes to complete, and you may complete it on work time or off work time.


Honest feedback matters. The surveys and their results will allow Appalachian State University and system leaders to recognize successes and understand concerns that influence workplace culture. Among the topics explored are collaboration, communication, supervision, workplace culture, and benefits. The survey results may also assist the UNC System in advocating for improvements to human resources policies at the statewide level that are generally beyond the University’s institutional control. More information is available on the UNC System website.

Survey participation is voluntary and completely confidential. Only ModernThink will have access to individual employee responses.

Survey Results

ModernThink will compile the data over the next few months. The summarized data will be shared back with the UNC institutions later this spring, and the data will be presented to the UNC Board of Governors in the summer. After that, each institution will determine what next steps to take. Please remember that this survey cannot address every issue of concern at your institution, and not all issues can be resolved by your institution itself (for example, some positive changes might require legislative action by the NC General Assembly). However, the information you and your colleagues provide through the survey will help your institution's leadership and the UNC system leadership to prioritize issues so that they can be addressed to the greatest extent possible.Over the summer, we will receive and share reports that summarize the data provided so that we can recognize our successes and begin to address concerns that most directly impact and influence our workplace culture.

2020 Results will be published in the Fall of 2020

2018 Results can be accessed here.