Performance Management

Performance Plan Status Report

All performance management steps must be completed by 5/30/22. Check back next week for an updated report.

Performance Management

Performance management is a process that promotes conversation and feedback between managers and employees. The performance appraisal system is also a valuable tool to develop individual capacity and skill. Appalachian State University provides the AppState Careers performance management module as a tool for setting meaningful goals and evaluating employees fairly and consistently across the organization. 

Timeline Image

Start DateDue DateAction Item
April 1May 30Create Performance Plan
April 1May 30Second-Level Approval of Plan
April 1May 30Employee Acknowledgement
March 1 March 31Employee Self-Appraisal 
April 1April 30Supervisor Appraisal
April 1May 30Second-Level Approval of Appraisal
April 1May 30 Appraisal Review Meeting
April 1May 30 Employee Acknowledgement of Appraisal