Core Training for Supervisors

Core Training for Supervisors


Core Supervisor Training is the first track of App State’s Leadership Development
Series. Effective managers can contribute to higher levels of retention, improved
performance, and help to build a culture of continuous growth and development at
Appalachian State University. Core Training for Supervisors prepares leaders with the
knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful at Appalachian State University.


The primary objective of this leadership development program is to equip supervisors
with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to effectively lead teams, drive
organizational growth, and achieve strategic objectives.

Learning Objectives:

After this training, employees will:

1. Be better prepared to lead their department
2. Deepen their understanding of supervisory competencies
3. Feel confident in their leadership abilities
4. Strengthen their relationships across campus

Program Requirements:

Effective January 1, 2024, all new supervisors are strongly encouraged to complete Core Training
for Supervisors within their first year of employment in their leadership position. New
leaders will develop a base understanding of leadership fundamentals and university
policies. This program is also open to anyone who has an interest in learning more about
leadership at Appalachian State University. Refer to the attached checklist for a
comprehensive list of program requirements.

Training Topics

Workshop Registration

2-Day Training (You MUST attend both days to be marked as complete)

 Environmental Health and Safety for Managers

Payroll Basics

Time and Leave Management

Work-Life Balance

Performance Management Fundamentals

Employee Relations

Ethical Issues for Supervisors

Classification and Compensation

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Individual sessions are offered monthly

Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity Fundamentals

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 Onboarding: Why it Matters

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 Search Committee Training

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 10 Roadblocks to Supervision

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5 Paths of Leadership Assessment (Use your App State credentials to log in via single sign-on)

Complete and attach results in the certification application.  

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New Employee Onboarding (If not already completed) 

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Apply for Certification


Once all training requirements of this program and your Employee Onboarding requirements have been completed, you will need to
apply for certification. Please use the following link to apply. A member of the HR Development team will review completed training dates and issue your certification once completion has been verified.


To register for any of the Leadership Development Series workshops, please visit


Please contact HR Development at 828-262-6618 with any questions.


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