Separation from the University

Separation from the University

The employee, supervisor, and HR all play key roles in the separation process. Checklists are provided that include action items to be completed prior to the employee’s last day of work. Utilizing these checklists AS SOON AS NOTICE IS GIVEN will ease the transition for both the employee and the department.

The separation action is what is used to notify Human Resources of the separation and begins the separation process. It is critical that these are entered timely to ensure proper offboarding and to avoid overpayments of payroll.

The following information is provided to assist individuals separating from employment, both voluntary and involuntary, with Appalachian State University.  If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact the Office of Human Resources by calling 828-262-3187. 

For the Supervisor

For the Employee


If you are considering retirement, please visit our Retirement page or schedule an appointment with a member of our Benefits Team by calling 828-262-3187.


Do Not Rehire (DNR)

Employees who have been terminated for cause (unacceptable personal conduct) or abandoned their job aren’t eligible for rehiring for a time period of at least two years. This practice applies to permanent SHRA, probationary, and non-student temporary employees.

After two years, a formal request for reconsideration may be submitted to the Office of Human Resources, Employee Relations. Decisions for removal from the Do Not Rehire (DNR) list will be based on reliable proof that employees’ conduct will no longer be problematic. Removal from the list will be considered but not guaranteed. Approvals will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Approval for rehiring means the former employee may submit employment applications through the HR employment website to positions for which they are qualified. Removal from the DNR list does not guarantee rehire.

Instructions for former employees on how to access W-2 Forms or paycheck stubs.