Workplace Posters

Appalachian State University maintains a responsibility to notify employees of the rights and privileges they incur through their employment with the University pursuant to regulations enforced by the State of North Carolina. As part of this responsibility, individual departments within the University are required by the State of North Carolina to make the following notices available in every location where employees work:

NC Labor Laws Posters(Required):

*at a minimum these must be printed in a size 8 1/2" x 14" with a 10 point font

Other State of NC Posters:

Federal Posters:

The Office of Human Resources strives to make sure that the information contained in these posters is readily available while keeping individual departments from incurring printing costs to individual departments. In accordance with this, the following link contains all of the previously mentioned posters and information. We strongly encourage printing and posting the notifications in a prominent and conspicuous commons area where posters can be readily observed by employees. For ADA compliance, please include a notice offering assistance if access is needed to read posters.

Please find all required posters available for download in English and Spanish here: 


If you have questions please contact HR-Employment at 262-3187