Temporary Employment - Prospective or Current Temporary Employees

***Note - Supervisors needing to hire/renew/separate a temporary employee will need to visit this page.

Prospective Temporary Employee

The role of a temporary employee is critical to the day-to-day operation of the university and also provides valuable hands-on experience. Temporary staff fills in during peak or seasonal time periods, and on special projects. Needs can vary from part-time to full-time hours; and appointments can be short term or up to eleven (11) months. A temporary employee cannot work more than 11 consecutive months and must take a 31-day break in service before being reemployed. Temporary employment assignments can be part-time or full-time. The types of temporary employment include, but are not limited to:

  • Administrative Support - reception, secretarial, accounting, word processing
  • Professional Support – legal, event planning, fundraising, writing/editing, illustrating, engineering
  • Technical – research, lab support
  • Information Technology – web design and site maintenance, programming, development, training
  • Trades – painting, plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, mechanical, electrical, carpentry
  • Services – general labor, housekeeping, food service, landscaping

How to Search Postings and Apply

An online application is required for entry into Postings and/or Temp Pool Postings. The application process is straight-forward. If you're seeking temporary employment, visit www.jobs.appstate.edu and view Temporary Postings and apply to the posting(s) that interest you. For assistance with your application contact our Office of Human Resources at (828) 262-3187 or e-mail employment@appstate.edu.

Applications will remain "active" in the Temporary Pool(s) for up to three (3) months. Applicants MUST reapply after three (3) months if still interested in temporary employment.

Important Information for Temporary Employees

As a temporary employee, you are an important member of the AppState team. Your role is critical to the day-to-day operation of the University. Please take time to review the important information below:

  1. Temporary Employee's Responsibilities:
    1. Online Application,
    2. Submit a Background Check Disclosure & Release form directly to the Office of Human Resources (if applicable) in a timely manner,
    3. Complete required actions in the New Employee Activation portal. Update your tax forms, direct deposits, and other pertinent forms on Self-Service, and complete the form I-9. The form I-9 will be completed with Equifax's I-9 anywhere
    4. Perform duties in a satisfactory manner,
    5. Use of University property, equipment, phones, and vehicles must be work-related and authorized,
    6. Follow supervisory instructions,
    7. Restrict personal business to a minimum while at work, and
    8. Maintain accurate time sheets and records.
  2. All ASU employees should attend New Employee Orientation
  3. Temporary Employees do not receive leave, total state service credit, retirement credit, severance pay, or priority reemployment consideration. Due to the Affordable Care Act, temporary employees may qualify for health insurance.
  4. All Temporary employees must take a 31 day Break-in-Service after 11 months of continuous employment. There are no exceptions.
  5. All new hire paperwork must be completed by the first day of employment and submitted to the Office of Human Resources. New Employee Checklist
  6. Temporary employees are paid bi-weekly, (on the 15th and the last working day of the month), on an hourly basis, and are required to document their hours electronically on Web Entry. 
  7. Parking for Temporary employees – Payment must be made in full by cash or check at the time permit is purchased at the Parking & Traffic Office. 

  8. AppCards are issued to employees on their first day of employment. Employees must present an AppCard (Photo ID) Request Form available from the Office of Human Resources or the AppCard Office and employment will be verified. Dependents of temporary employees are not eligible for AppCards and the associated privileges. 

  9. Holiday Schedule/Campus Closing: See Holiday Schedule here

  10. Work-Related Injuries

  11. Temporary employees are not eligible for paid time off. Temporary employees are eligible for premium pay for actual hours worked on a holiday but are not eligible for equal time off. 

  12. Temporary Employees are "at will" and are subject to lay-off (including elimination of position) or termination in accordance with Appalachian State University policies and procedures. In addition, positions filled by Temporary employees are not permanent in nature and are subject to being modified or abolished at any time. 

Guidelines and Procedures for Temporary Employee:

For further information contact the Office of Human Resources at (828) 262-3187 or e-mail employment@appstate.edu.