Career Pathways


App State is committed to investing in ongoing and clear paths for career advancement. This professional development program is designed to help employees learn more about themselves, their career options and empower them with knowledge, skills, and tools to make effective career decisions.

Program Objective

Career Pathways is designed to prepare employees to advance their career. This program will help employees learn more about themselves and their career options, empower employees with the knowledge and skills to make effective career decisions, and provide employees with tools and resources to help them put their plan in motion.

Learning Outcome

After this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify their current knowledge, skills and abilities as well as core values/interests.
  2. Identify potential career paths at App State University.
  3. Leverage tools and resources to navigate their career development process.
  4. Create a career development plan.

Participation Agreement

To receive a certificate of completion, participants must:

  1. Attend all sessions as this program is designed around the following methodologies: 
    1. Cohort based to encourage networking and relationship building
    2. Each session builds on prior learning from the previous session.
  2. Complete pre-work prior to attending the in-person session.
  3. Be fully present in each session, minimize distractions (closed laptops and put cell phones away), engage in conversation, and reflect independently on learning.


Please use this Workships link to Register for Career Pathways!