Supplemental Retirement Accounts

In addition to the core retirement programs (TSERS or ORP) an employee may wish to set aside additional contributions in a Supplemental Retirement Account. Information about investment options is available for the State 401(k) plan and number of 403 (b) plans offered by financial institutions.

  • 401(K) Plan
  • 457 Plan
  • 403(b) Plan
    Appalachian offers a very competitive and comprehensive 403(b) plan offered in conjunction with the University of North Carolina, TIAA CREF, and Fidelity Investments. Employees may choose from pre-tax savings 403 (b) plans as well as take advantage of new Roth 403(b) products from either TIAA CREF or Fidelity Investments. This is strictly a supplemental retirement plan and no employer match is available under any 403(b) plan. To get started saving towards your retirement:
    1. Please review the 403(b) plan booklet.
      • The Plan Booklet can be downloaded here. (PDF)
      • This provides complete instructions on how to enroll with either Fidelity or TIAA CREF.
    2. Complete the Salary Reduction Agreement, then forward it back to Human Resources in Founders Hall.
      • The Salary Reduction Agreement may be downloaded here. (PDF)
  • TSA Plan Comparisons (PDF, 35 KB)